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we pulled up into the driveway.
i was still holding his hand. “i just… wanted to thank you for tonight,” i whispered, flashing a polite smile.
“of course,” he replied. “i mean… whenever we’re together, it always comes down to this.”
“yeah…” i nodded. “i like it.”
he put the car in park, then turned off the engine almost simultaneously. he leaned over to unbuckle my seatbelt. then he put one arm around me, and placed his other fingers on my side, caressing the layer underneath my cardigan softly.
“we’re really close friends, janey. you know you can always tell me anything.”
“i know… and same goes for you.”
“i don’t have anything to say!”
“maybe not now, but, if you ever do…”
we looked up and smiled at each other.
i leaned into his chest. he looked down. “you smell nice,” he admitted rather naively. “what, did you put on some perfume?”
“i… took a shower?” i laughed. i hugged him again.
“can i ask you something?” i said, without looking up.
“of course.”
“how do you feel...about this?”
he grinned. “i like it,”
“me too,” i said as i snuggled. “i really… like...…...being around you and all.”
“me too.”
“do you...want to take this, to like… another level?”
he rubbed my shoulders slowly. “ so?”
“like… relationship status,” i mumbled. did i really have to spell it out for him?!
“are you...asking me out?”
here we go again. “well, kinda, i mean-”
“yes,” he cut me off.
“okay fine, so maybe i am-”
“yes,” he repeated firmly. “the answer to your question. Yes.”
“...really?” i looked up gradually.
we held each other closer. he rested his head on my shoulder and i shifted deeper into his arms.
“this is a first for me,” he admitted shyly.
“me too…!”
“does this mean i get to call you my girlfriend?”
“uh, only if it means i get to call you my boyfriend…”
“yeah, go for it!”
“...same to you,” we both laughed.
“i mean, i’ve never been ‘official’ with anyone before. i guess...there’s a first for everything.”
“me neither...and definitely.”
he patted my hair down and began to stroke it. “i’m so...happy!”
“i know, right?! meeting you was the best part of my junior year.”
“that’s what i said!”
“i know, and like i said, the feeling is mutual.”
“i’m so glad.”
he shifted a little. then he closed his eyes for the longest time. i pretended not to notice.
“can i  just…”
he tilted his head and kissed my cheek.
if i were to touch it, or even look up, he’d know i’d been blushing. so i looked down.
and i  kissed him back.
“there’s a first for everything,” i reassured us both.
he picked my hand up to run his thumb back and forth down mine. he looked into my eyes.
“i love you, janey.”
“i love you too, jess…”
In a magical, mystical world, what if this actually happened to you?
lmao deviantart is fuckin weird now

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